The Dolphin House

Assisted Living Facility

Who we are

The Dolphin House is an independently run Assisted Living Facility located in a quiet residential neighborhood of Seminole, Florida. The Dolphin House is for those who require some degree of assistance in their daily living activities. This unique facility has been designed to provide complete comfort and safety while catering to the individual needs of each and every resident. Each will be made to feel that this is their home. and will be encouraged to make suggestions and participate in policy-making decisions.

The Dolphin House front view
Front view of The Dolphin House.

What is an Assisted Living Facility?

An Assisted Living Facility (ALF) is a residence for people who need companionship and the assistance in daily living activities; which includes but is not limited to medications, hygiene, doctor's appointments, and dressing. Assisted Living is for those who cannot or choose not to live alone, but do not need 24-hour care that is provided by Nursing Homes.